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Who We Are:

The Rural Rights Association of British Columbia (RRABC) is a citizens group dedicated to the belief that people have the right to self-determination, to live the lives of their choosing within their economic limitations.  Rural people have increasingly less political representation within the decision making processes of regional and provincial governments who are imposing bylaws and regulations that severely restrict the peaceful occupation and enjoyment of their own properties.  We are seeing more urban-style prohibitions and bylaws forced upon rural residents with little or no consultation from those we’ve elected and entrusted to be of service to us.  They have allotted themselves power of authority over every aspect of our lives and as a result many are feeling that they are not getting the representation they are entitled to as Canadians and British Columbians.  To this end we have created the Rural Rights Association of B.C. to be a voice and a vehicle of solidarity for rural residents and for others who support this endeavor.  We are not aligned with any political party and are a not-for-profit group whose objectives are to lobby regional and provincial governments to rescind or revise those bylaws that restrict the freedoms of those within rural British Columbia as deemed necessary by our members.

We are committed to the peaceful resolution of conflict and to engaging in mediation and dialogue between those levels of government that impact the lives of rural British Columbians.  However, we are dedicated to ensuring that our voices as rural peoples will be heard and that our elected government representatives will endeavor to fulfill the duties they were appointed to on behalf of all members of rural society, not just a select few, hence our motto ‘Respect Our Existence Or Expect Our Resistance’.  We do not engage in matters of Aboriginal rights or treaties nor do we take sides or offer opinions on such issues.  We do not endorse nor condemn the actions of any one political party.  Our membership is committed to being completely non-partisan and is not limited to any one political view.  This association is welcoming to everyone, rural or urban, regardless of race, gender, religion or political affiliation.

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